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When you’re expecting a baby there’s an overwhelming amount of items that you need to consider buying (of course not of all them are necessary), but one vital thing will be a place for your baby to sleep. Have you heard of Amby Baby Hammocks? Check out this great review by a friend of pocketnannies. You can also find more information on their website here.

At some point during my pregnancy, around the fifth month, I started to think about how and where I wanted my baby to sleep. My husband and I had already decided to get a cot-bed because of their longevity. However, as we wanted to have our baby with us for the first few months and there wasn’t space for a cot-bed in our bedroom I started researching other possibilities.

Now, I already had it in my head that a Moses basket wasn’t the best option because we’d have to switch it for something else once he had outgrown it. We also didn’t want to co-sleep because we move around too much in our sleep and we both quite like our own space. So, those options were out. I did look at the option of getting a co-sleeper, but that idea quite quickly went out the window when I discovered that most co-sleepers can only be fitted to beds of a certain height, and our bed was too tall. This is when I came across the Amby Hammock.

I had never heard of babies sleeping in hammocks before but I did a lot of research on it and it sounded like a pretty amazing option. Amby hammocks are safety tested; they are proven to help with colic and infant reflux among many other things. Babies can also stay in the hammock for up to a year and it just so happened that it would fit perfectly next to our bed. Winner!

So we ordered the Amby Value Pack that, for £219.95, offers a couple of sheets, a mattress, a frame, the hammock and an extremely handy travel bag. The hammock is very easy to put up; the only tricky bit was attaching the screw that holds the hammock to the frame. The fact that the hammock is easy to put up and take down is great for when you are travelling too; it means that we can take it wherever we go and it offers brilliant continuity for our son. Plus, unlike a sleeping bag, it actually fits back in the bag after you take it out.

I previously mentioned that the hammock offers our son continuity when we go away, which in my view is extremely important as I believe it makes him feel as safe and secure when we are away from home as when we are at home. I also love the hammock because you can use it up until they are approximately a year old; this means that there is no need to keep moving him between endless upgrades which is a great plus as it not only saves space and money but also allows for a consistent sleep pattern.

We have used the hammock from day one and it really has been amazing. When we first brought our son home he woke for two feeds a night, at 2am and 5am, after putting him to bed at around 11pm. It then dropped to one feed at about week three and now at week 15 he will sleep from about 9:30pm until 7:30am, assuming he is not having a feeding spurt, even then he will only wake up once. After he has fed I put him back in the hammock and bounce the hammock up and down for a few minutes if he needs me to, he often doesn’t any more – now he is heavy enough, he can sway the hammock when he wriggles which sends him straight back to the land of nod!

The customer service has been excellent too from when we ordered the hammock right up to a few weeks ago when I asked for a replacement travel bag because the zip had broken on the original one. I received the new one within a week and an email apologizing and explaining why this may have been within an hour! Ok, it would have been better if I hadn’t had to email them at all, but the fact that they responded so quickly and sent the replacement so promptly is of credit to them.

The only question that is yet to be answered is seeing how he will transfer into a cot from the hammock, however I am hoping that the hammock will have set up his sleep pattern so well that by the time we need to do this it will be relatively pain free!

I have recommended the hammock to all of my friends with babies who are having some issues in the sleep department and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone who was considering an alternative sleep route for their baby!


This post was kindly written for us by Kate Davies. 

Image source here. The Amby Hammock is also beautifully modelled for us by Baby T.

© pocketnannies 2017

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