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Have you heard of Rob Biddulph? We recently discovered his books and have fallen in love with his writing and illustrations.

His first book, Blown Away, was first published in 2014, followed by Grrrrr! in 2015 and most recently Odd Dog Out in August 2016.

Blown away, about Penguin Blue and his friends who get whooshed away on a windy day on a kite,  won the Waterstones children’s Book Prize 2015. We love the rhyming in the book, that creates a wonderful flow through the story. The illustrations are fun, colourful and engaging. There’s so much to talk about on each page that once you’ve read the story you’ll want to go back and revisit each page.

Grrrrr! is such an endearing story, we’re sure it will become a family favourite from the first read. About a lonely Bear who is obsessed with winning trophies and medals. Until one day he looses his grrrrr and he finds that having friends might just be more important than winning.

Finally Odd Dog Out is about learning to be your own person, expressing yourself and that it is ok to be an individual (we’ve just said the same thing three different ways, haven’t we?!)  We love the illustrations in this book; they are charming, funny and colourful.
About a dog who just wants to fit in, so she travels round the world till she finds that place, only to learn that actually it is better to stand out.

Check out Rob’s website for free printable colouring pages and puzzles.

Keep an eye out for Rob Biddulph’s next book Sunk! coming March 2017.

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