People and Products | A comparison of weaning cups

Weaning can be yet another minefield of different products to buy for your growing baby. Here, we are looking at two different weaning cups you can use with your child to teach them how to drink from a cup.

Although both of these cups we are going to look at specify they are OK to use from 6months, we would recommend you introduce these when you baby’s hand to mouth action is getting slightly more controlled. When they’ve had a good amount of time to practice with carrot sticks for example. We tested both these cups on a 9 month old (Child 1) and an 11 month old (Child 2) who were both enjoying and well into their weaning experiences. We have written a small overview of our expericens with the cup and then rated the cups through specific questions to see which one WE think is best. Read on to find out which cup came out on top!

Our first cup is a Doidy cup, widely known to the market. It is a plastic, open topped cup with two handles but is set on a tilt. The idea of this is that a child doesn’t have to tip the cup much at all to begin to get water from it and therefore the possibility of a spillage is reduced….in theory!

imageOur second cup is Babycup’s First Cup. We have started to see an increase in popularity in these cups so we thought we would give them a try. This product has won several awards and comes a highly recommended from dentists and health visitors due to giving a child an early opportunity to learn to drink from a rimmed cup rather than a sippy cup or bottle, which can prohibit speech and alter teeth alliance to if used incorrectly.


The best part of a doidy cup is the fact that the cup is tilted so the child doesn’t have to tilt it too far before water reaches their mouth makes it much easier to learn to sip rather than with a conventional cup where the water can come too fast and spill out the edges. The handles also make it easy to hold especially with hands that may be covered in some dinner making them slippy.

The babycup is much smaller than the doidy cup so when it’s up to the baby’s mouth there is much less chance of spillage from the sides of the cup even if she tilts it a lot. I find I still have to hold the babycup for the 11 month old otherwise we don’t get much in the mouth as most gets spilled on the way but I am letting this happen more and more as it’s the only way she will learn and if she has her waterproof bib on then she doesn’t get wet and it’s easy enough to wipe up a little spilt water. The baby loves drinking water from the babycup. I only fill it about a third full each time and then refill it once it’s been drunk or spilt. Another advantage is the measurements on the side so you can get an idea of what your baby is drinking. It’s also the perfect size for baby hands.

In order to rate the cups fairly we looked at different aspects of using the cups. We then rated the cups individually on each of the aspects, followed by an overall average.


Our winner is the Babycup!

We have found both products good to use with babies of weaning age. But we found the Babycup generally easier for children to use.  You may end up with spillages along the way but it’s great practice for little ones to be guiding cups to their mouths themselves. As they grow older children’s control and hand eye co-ordination will improve – saving on those spillages.

What are your experiences of weaning cups? Which is your favourite?

© pocketnannies 2017

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