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When Ivy Kids emailed us to tell us about the new book by Craig Shuttlewood we jumped at the chance to review it. We have previously written about Craig’s book – Around the World, and Ivy Kids had read our review. You can do so too, just here.

So let’s find out more about.. Town And Country. screen-shot-2017-01-02-at-14-53-55Compare town and country scenes full of clever little details in this beautiful new

Turnaround Book – spot buses, trains, and skyscrapers in the town and tractors, mountains, and farm animals in the country. Open the book one way to explore the town scene and then flip the book over to delve into the country landscape. What can you see that’s the same in both scenes? What can you spot that’s different?

With a mini glossary for each picture – featuring tiny pictures picked out from the main scene – Town and Country is completely absorbing for children who are just starting to engage with simple written words. For younger children, this is a great read-together title – pick an item on the glossary panel, then try to find it in the big picture – an excellent introduction to looking carefully and naming objects.

Craig Shuttlewood is a Brighton-based artist and illustrator. His illustrations are packed with fun and personality, completely engaging, and loaded with satisfying little details. Craig is also a printmaker, painter, and maker of other lovely things.

What we thought..

Here at pocketnannies we love children’s books – we especially love different books. This one isn’t a story book, it’s a book for observing and spotting. It’s aimed at children aged 3+ however we think that children younger than this would also enjoy spotting the fire engines, sunflowers, foxes and hot dog stands – to name just a few. There’s a whole new collection of words for little ones to learn.


Town and Country is a really interactive book – a turnaround book in fact.


We think children will love searching for all the different ‘things to spot’ that are beautifully illustrated in this book. We think the bright colours make it a very appealing book to children.


Another wonderfully interactive book from Craig Shuttlewood. We’d definitely recommend this book if you are looking for something a little bit different to your average story book. It will also look good on any bookshelf including our very own pocketnannies bookshelf.

Thanks to Ivy Kids for sending us a copy to review. For more info please contact – screen-shot-2017-01-02-at-14-58-56NEWpocketnanniessignaturev3
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