Discussion | Children’s Charities at Christmas

Everyone has their own traditions, thoughts, plans, and activities they like to do at Christmas. We’ve shared our own suggestions for traditions and activities here and here you can do with the children in your care but we thought we would touch on other ways to give this Christmas to carefully selected charities and organisations set up for less fortunate children.

Sense is a charity that offers support to people suffering with deafblindness. At pocketnannies, we love using sensory items, both bought and homemade for our youngest children. Sense runs a  campaign called ‘Real Toy Story’. It puts a huge emphasis on what sensory toys can do for children with deafblindness.

“For any child, toys have several functions – from encouraging them to interact and explore their surroundings, learning new skills or simply having fun.
Play as a whole has a fundamental role in the growth of social, emotional and intellectual capabilities. It also encourages creativity, imagination and problem solving as well as helping children to make sense of the world around them.
For some children with hearing and vision impairment toys can play an additional and highly important role by acting as “objects of reference.” For example, [one] support worker, Katy, will use Fairy Dolly as the symbol for going out. When it’s time to leave, Katy will give [her child she cares for] her Fairy Dolly to tell her what they are about to do.
Using objects of reference like Fairy Dolly and play sessions with sensory toys can help [a child] and Katy develop a shared language.”

Sense would love multisensory toys to be donated to their shops so that they can provide a learning tool for the children they support. For more information on the campaign please go to their website.


Operation Happy Child
A local Go Fund Me page set up by a group of  accounting and finance students from the University of Surrey want to raise money for the Royal Surrey County Hospital’s children’s ward. They would like to raise £500 to buy the children who are unfortunately facing Christmas in hospital a present to brighten up their day. The passion of these students and the thoughtfulness towards these children they’ve had in hope to make their hospital experience just a bit nicer is what has drawn pocketnannies to their campaign.

To read their page and to give a donation to help reach their target click here, they’re so close!


Family Action
Family Action’s annual Christmas campaign Toy Appeal strives to help make Christmas a little bit more special by providing children with something to open who otherwise might not be in a position to receive anything.

The charity ask for both company and individual participation with either a money donation or you can donate a physical gift. If this appeals to you, check out their page to be able to act quickly in time for the big day!


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