Activities | 3D Christmas Star

Looking for something a little different to make with your older children this Christmas? Why not give this 3D star a go. With our step by step guide, you’ll be knocking these up in minutes and all your Christmas guests will be amazed! They look super complicated but are actually surprisingly easy to make. Please excuse this photo heavy post but we thought it was the easiest way to explain how to make this centrepiece. Thank you James for showing us how to make this! 

1.To create a star approximately 50cm tall, take 6 sheets of A3 paper in the colour of choice. 

2.To create a square, fold one corner diagonally to meet edge and cut off the remaining paper rectangle.

3.Fold the square back in half along the crease to create a triangle, and then fold a second time.

4.Using a ruler to measure up from the long side of the triangle, make small marks at 3cm increments. 

5.Using these marks as your guide, draw four lines running parallel to the long side of the triangle.

6.Cut along these lines from the folded side of the triangle. 

7.Carefully reopen up the paper square.    

8.Glue the inner pair of flaps to form a loop.

9.Flip the paper over and glue the next pair to create another loop.

10.Continue this, flipping the paper over each time to create alternating loops.

11.Repeat these steps to create the six arms of your star. 

12.Use staples to attach the six arms together in the centre and where their edges meet.

13.Attach a string to hang your star from the ceiling, or using tape or a nail to attach it to the wall.


© pocketnannies 2016

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