Activities | Pocketnannies Christmas Crafts 

With Christmas just around the corner we’ve been rather busy making things with our charges who love doing arts and crafts. Generally speaking a lot of the craft bits we had in the cupboard at home. However places like Tiger and Poundland prove very useful for items such a pipe cleaners etc.

Pipe cleaner decorations 

All of these decorations are easily made by just bending pipe cleaners in certain ways. A great activity for fine manipulative skills. Quick and easy and can be done anywhere really. Hang them on the tree as simple decorations. We found lots of other ideas on Pinterest here.

Painted decorations 

We picked up these angels at Tiger and had the other items at home – we had great fun decorating the angels and giving them hairstyles using wool. You can find a whole selection of ‘paint your own’ decorations and ornaments at Tiger.   You will need: decorative item to paint – angel, etc., glue,  paint, glittery bits, wool for the hair, goggly eyes, pipe cleaners for the halo and scarf. 

Lolly stick decorations 

This is probably one of the most fiddly of our crafts in this post. We really recommend you use a glue gun to form the shapes as waiting for PVA glue to dry takes too long and we also found they aren’t sturdy with PVA. Prepare the shapes beforehand leaving children to focus on their designs. We made snowflakes stars and Christmas trees. We also found lots of other ideas on Pinterest here. You will need: crafting lolly pop sticks (popsicle sticks as they call them in the US and on Pinterest, ours are from Poundland),a glue gun(ours is from Tiger), stickers, gems, jewels, beads /pom-poms for decorating, PVA glue. String / ribbon to use to hang your decorations.

Finger print cards

How many card designs can you make with a child’s fingerprint. We think these are really sweet and so simple to make. Made these with a 2 & 3 year old and even though when it comes to it you realise just how small the fingerprints will be they are still really effective.


Toilet Roll Reindeer 

My friend made these cute reindeer for a Christmas party she was hosting. We then played a treasure hunt game – where each child had to find their very own reindeer. You will need toilet roll under, paint, glue, goggly eyes, twigs, something red for the nose – pom-poms or tissue paper works well, a felt tip pen or marker for the mouth. 

Sensory Snowman

We took this idea from Little Bins for Little Hands, we loved it so much we recreated one ourselves. Click through for more details, here 

Salt Dough Decorations 

We have previously made salt dough decorations (here)- this recipe works perfectly. Children can then paint and decorate their creations.

Gingerbread Play-dough

I just couldn’t resist this photo again so here’s how to make our play-dough. To make gingerbread play dough add ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg to the mixture. Find the recipe here.



If you’re still looking for more crafting ideas check out our Christmas crafts post from last year, here.

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