Activities | Simple Activities for when Children are off School Sick

Cold and flu season has most definitely arrived and as the average child gets about 14 colds a year it is inevitable that they will need a day or two off school or nursery. Whilst the child will need some extra sleep and a quieter day we thought we’d compile a few simple activities you could do with them that are easy to put together and don’t require too much energy to complete.

Doily watercolour pictures

We love how simple this activity is and how beautiful the finished product is. Find the instructions here.


Pom pom counting activity


Such a fun way to help little ones who are learning to count, they’ll love dung the tongs to pick up the pom poms which in turn will also help improve their fine motor skills. See this activity here.

Fizzy painting 


Extremely easy but absolutely fascinating to watch. Mix together white vinegar with different coloured food dye, then fill a container with bicarbonate of soda and using a pipette (Calpol dispensers work well!) or even a spoon drop the liquid onto the bicarb and watch what happens!

Coffee filter butterflies


These little guys look so beautiful when finished. Find the instructions here.

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