Discussion | November Happy Things 

November can sometimes feel like a long month with the cold weather but we have to say we think we’ve been rather lucky – with the crisp mornings and blue skies have graced us. Our favourite kind of autumn days.

As usual at the end of each month we do a post of our happy things – the funny things the children have said, the exciting things we’ve done or just some happy thoughts.

  • 3 year old: “How do you know everything“?
  • Writing our letters to Father Christmas.
  • The excitement of Christmas that grasps children at this time of year.
  • Why do birds and things have no clothes on”?
  • Imagine this. Getting to work on a Monday morning and at 9am you ask your two charges who, by the way are 2 & 3, what they would like to do today. There is one definite answer. ‘We want to go to the pub’. My reply ‘Really? It’s 9am on a Monday!? We could go to the ford, gruffalo woods or the park?’ The answer was still the same they wanted to go to the pub. By 2pm of trying to coax them out of the house with no luck I gave in and decamped next door to the village pub for an orange juice and some crisps. 
  • When I’m four my mouth is going to be even wider“.
  • Being very polite to inanimate objects.
    – 2 year old on a windy day with her hair flapping into her face “no thank you hair!” – – Whilst playing at home and trying to walk past the play tent “excuse me tent”.
  • Helpful little ones offering to clear up their own mess.”Please can I do it, I really do love hoovering“.
  • Your little one landing a main part in the nativity play. Proud Nanny alert!

What are your Happy Things for November? Have your children achieved great things? Have they said the most hilarious things? Do get in touch… 

© pocketnannies 2016

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