Top Tips | Gifts for your bosses

It’s that time of year when we all get creative with our charges. There’s lots to be making Christmas crafts, cards and maybe even presents. So hopefully our ideas for gifts for your bosses will save you a little bit of precious time during the festive season.


Painting pottery is a great gift for anyone. We’ve taken lots of children to pottery studios in London such as ‘The Pottery Cafe’ in Fulham or Battersea. More information can be found here.

Plaster cast of babies hands 

You can have this done professionally, for example with Babyprints or buy a kit from eBay for example these and do the plaster casting yourself.

Handmade ornaments and decorations

If your bosses really appreciate their children’s handmade items why not make some decorations for the Christmas tree. We show you how here. You’ll know if your employers will love this sort of thing.. Some won’t. If they don’t why not create a Artkive of their children’s artwork using this handy app.


Photo books 

Easy to make on a Mac from the photos on your iPhone, but there are also some great sites such as photobucket, snapfish etc. There are also so many other options such as keyrings, canvases, calendars etc.

Babysitting vouchers 

Why not give your Mummy and Daddy bosses a quiet evening to themselves for the new year / festive season. A few hours to themselves maybe very very appreciated at this busy time.

Photos printed on Marshmallows by Boomf 

We love this idea from Boomf – get your favourite photos printed onto marshmallows and now even chocolate, for a gift which is rather different. They taste great too!


Baked goods 

Homemade edible gifts are often the best. Why not bake some goodies with the children in your care?  We’ve seen some lovely ideas on Pinterest.

Other ideas include: wine vouchers, handmade photo frames, handprints/footprints on canvas..

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