Top Tips | Pocketnannies guide to Christmas Gifts (2016)

It’s that time of year again, we can no longer hide from the fact that Christmas is now a month away. So it’s time to start thinking about, if you haven’t already, what to get for the little ones in your life.

With this week seeing lots of Black Friday deals why not grab yourself a bargain. Because who doesn’t love a bargain?

Last year we compiled a series of lovely gift ideas for children, you can still find that post here – for even more Christmas gift ideas carry on reading.


If you’re yet to follow our new pocketnannies.etsy account on Instagram you may have missed our very own handmade bunting available at our Etsy shop here. Our bunting can be personalised and will make the perfect addition to any child’s bedroom.

LEGO Marker Pens 

These brilliant Lego pens are bound to please any LEGO fan. We found these stocked at John Lewis here.


Forever by Emma Dodd is available at one of our fave online shops Little Maldod. We’ve featured Little Maldod previously on pocketnannies here as it’s just one of the cutest online shops ever.

If you still need some ideas for books check out our favourites in our book category right here. We do love Children’s books.

Dressing Up Costumes 

We have recently come across the Melissa and Doug dressing up costumes which are just great – they are well made and seem to last very well. There’s also a huge range to choose from so whether you have a budding firefighter or paediatric nurse – there’s certainly something for everyone. Stocked on Amazon here.

Sophie la Girafe Music Box 

This beautiful music box can be found here.

Crayon Rocks
Earlier this year we reviewed Crayon Rocks, you can read that post here. A perfect stocking filler for a little one, you can find them here .

BKD Unicorn Biscuit Kit

We love BKD and think their unicorn biscuit kit is pretty cool. You can find them here .

Olli Ella Luggy 

How cute are these little Luggy’s? We know little ones love carrying lots of things around with them and what could be more handy to hold all their treasures! Find them here.

© pocketnannies 2016

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