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We recently found out about Wild Child Kitchen from good old Instagram and we wanted to  tell you, our readers all about them. So we got in contact with the founder Natasha and asked all about her new business delivering fresh meals to families in London.

Wild Child Kitchen very kindly delivered us some of their delicious meals for our charges to try. The portion sizes were ideal, (we even had enough left over for a little taste ourselves, yum!) the food was fresh, packed full of vegetables and so easy to heat up at a moments notice for our charges. We love cooking fresh meals for our charges but sometimes having some nutritious, cookedfood in the freezer can be a great help for parents on a busy weekend or as one of our team at pocketnannies is currently experiencing, the perfect option during a house renovation when you have no kitchen and only a fridge freezer and microwave to feed your charges with.

Natasha with her Godson, Max

Where did the idea for Wild Child Kitchen come from? 

It was a combination of things. I’m a real foodie and have become increasingly conscious about what I eat and how it affects my health. Wellness is now a huge market, but I think too much of the attention is being placed on fixing unhealthy habits in adulthood when we could be focusing on helping children form healthy relationships with food. I’ve experimented with introducing different ingredients to my three-year-old godson Max and his twin brother Myles since they moved on to solid foods, and I love it when they gobble up dishes that we often consider non-kid-friendly. Many of my friends are parents to toddlers and the stress of mealtimes is always a topic of conversation. It is difficult not only to find the time to cook, but also to come up with meal ideas. Even then if you manage that, you can end up with your hard work thrown across the kitchen, which is totally disheartening! I wanted to create a business that would help parents while also inspiring a new generation of foodies.  

How long did it take from having the idea to the time you could start to deliver food? 

I had the idea in September 2015, researched it for a couple of weeks and then resigned from my job at the start of October. I’m pretty sure my colleagues thought I was bonkers! I worked my notice until February and then launched Wild Child four months later, starting with a pilot of our frozen dishes and a couple of snacks over the summer. That time allowed me to gain valuable feedback and work out which dishes would work well for our home delivery menu as well as our school and nursery offering. We have since launched our fresh offering and partnered with London Nursery Schools as their lunch provider ☺

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Was setting up Wild Child Kitchen a smooth process or did you encounter any problems along the way? 

I can’t say that there have been any major obstacles so far. There have been plenty of late nights and unexpected complications (mainly technology related!) along the way but we have always found a solution. I am so lucky to be surrounded by an amazing group of people who keep me going when I have a tough day! A big challenge has been growing the team quickly enough to ensure we can make the most of every opportunity that comes our way while continuing to deliver top quality food. Oh…and London traffic is a nightmare for deliveries!

Where do you deliver to? 

We currently deliver to the area around our Battersea Kitchen which includes these postcodes: SW1, SW3, SW5, SW6, SW7, SW8, SW10, SW11, W1, W2, W8, W9, W10, W11, W14. We will be adding more very soon!

Do you cater for allergies? 

We know how tricky allergies and intolerances can be, especially for families and schools! It’s why all our food is made without gluten, dairy or nuts; we wanted our offering to be as inclusive as possible. We also never add refined sugar or salt to any of our meals.

We love your idea of potentially delivering nutritious packed lunches to schools and nurseries. When are you hoping to start offering this? 

We do too! We’re already working with London Nursery Schools in Kensington by providing them with daily lunches that are reheated on-site. We also supply them with lunch boxes during their holiday camps and other events. We’re chatting to a few other sites at the moment, so watch this space!

Wild Child Kitchen Chicken Aubergine Mango Curry.JPG

What is your best seller on your menu? 

We’ve just added our Wild Child Kedgeree to the menu, which is proving to be very popular with little and big foodies alike! The mix of spices and fish make it the perfect dish for Autumn, plus we’ve packed it with curly kale from Devon for an extra vitamin boost ☺ And our energy balls and mookies continue to fly out of the kitchen!

Do you personally have a favourite dish on your menu at the moment?

The whole Wild Child Team are a little bit obsessed with our new Bubble & Squeak Croquettes! The mix of bacon, potato and (surprisingly!) brussel sprouts makes them really delicious. They are almost too easy to eat – we won’t tell you how many we got through during our taste test! We’ll be stocking our freezers with them over the festive period, ready to pull out for parties.

Where do you get your inspiration for new dishes?

Everywhere! I am a true believer that kids should be eating real food, so we draw inspiration from all over the world. In the West we are often afraid to experiment with herbs and spices when cooking for little ones – at Wild Child we love to find creative ways to incorporate new smells and flavours. We spend a lot of time taste-testing with children, asking them what they like and don’t like about our recipes. These conversations are fascinating and can also be very amusing – toddlers are rather vocal about what they think!  Feedback from parents is incredibly insightful for us too and can inspire new dishes or variations of an existing recipe.

Wild Child Kitchen Mookies.JPG

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