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Sometimes you find a book that is special. Nature’s Day is one of these. It feels like the perfect book for a family to look at all together snuggled up by a warm fire in winter or out on a garden bench eating a punnet of strawberries in summer.

Nature’s Day beautifully takes it readers through each season in great detail without being too text heavy. Starting in the garden in spring and finishing in the street in winter you are transported through the vegetable patch, the woods, the farm, the fields, the pond and the orchard, learning all the way with fun and interesting facts about each season.

IMG_0083 (1).jpg

We fell in love with the pages full of seasonal fruit and vegetables. In our modern world it can be so easy to forget to teach our children where their food comes from let alone the fact that different foods are grown at different times of year depending on the seasons.

Everything from the illustrations, colours and layout of this book make it so appealing. It is a book you and your children will savour and revisit time and time again. No matter the time of year, after reading this you will want to get outside to discover all the things you have read about.

Written by Kay Maguire and illustrated by Danielle Kroll.
“Kay Maguire trained at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and has been writing and making films about gardening and wildlife ever since. She writes for magazines and websites and is the author of the award-winning RHS How to Grow Your Own Crops in Pots. She is lucky enough to live in one of London’s amazing Royal Parks, where she loves growing her own food, cycling and walking the dog with her kids.”

“Danielle Kroll is a Brooklyn-based artist and designer. She graduated from Jyler School of Art. Currently she spends her days working on a variety of projects, from illustration to textiles to design. No matter what the job is, everything Danielle creates is hand-done and made with love. Her whimsical style aims to inspire curiosity and to make your day just a little bit brighter.”

We would highly recommend this book for both boys and girls over five years old.

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