Books | The Storm Whale in Winter by Benji Davies 

I happened to be wandering around Sainsbury’s where I often stop and look at the children’s books. I often get sidetracked by children’s books.. Especially when they have beautiful illustrations like this one. This particular time ‘The Storm Whale in Winter’ caught my eye. You can also buy it on Amazon or Waterstones etc.

We were first made aware of the book ‘The Storm Whale’ by Steph from Chalk Kids who shared it as one of her favourite books to read with her children. (You can read that post here). Unfortunately we haven’t yet got our hands on a copy of The Storm Whale. But we will. 🙂

Anyway on with the book…

This lovely story is about a boy called Noi and his father and of course a ‘storm whale’. Written and illustated by the very talented Benji Davies.

This is the second book about the storm whale, and so it refers back to the first book, which allows the reader to understand the context of the book as a second story. However you can easily read this one alone as there reference to the first book it’s very minimal.  It’s such a lovely story that we don’t need to worry about what happened previously. You may however like to purchase The Storm Whale first.

The Storm Whale in Winter is written in a beautiful way, it’s reassuring – not scary. The story unfolds nicely and there is a happy ending.

I would really recommend this book to children of 3-6. However even young toddlers and babies would enjoy it, it’s quite short and very easy to follow. The illustrations are very sweet. Benji Davies’ books remind me or the books by Oliver Jeffers. (In my eyes that is a huge compliment – I hope it is taken that way)! 

Somehow Davies also managed to get messages across through his stories despite the manageable length. For example this story is about Noi finding his father. These sorts of themes give great opportunities for children to open up about their feelings. As well as the chance for adults to discuss these sorts of issues.

Benji Davies has won awards for his writing and illustration. Including ‘Sainsbury’s Book Award 2015 and the Oscar’s First Book Prize in 2014 association with the Evening Standard. Find out more about Benji here.

A wonderful read.

© pocketnannies 2016

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