Recipes | Toffee Apple Alternatives

I am really looking forward to bonfire night this year, but let’s face it hot sticky toffee boiling in a pan is not a stress free child friendly activity, so why not give our apple pops a go instead. These are also a much healthier alternative to your classic toffee apple and can be made to be super healthy or a little bit naughty but even if you dip in chocolate they won’t be nearly as sugar heavy as a toffee apple.


You will need
Apples (granny smith work well)
Ice lolly sticks (but even toothpicks would work)
Melted chocolate
Dulce de leche

Ideas for toppings
Popping candy
Crushed nuts
Crushed biscuits
Pumpkin seeds
Mini marshmallows
Freeze dried raspberries

What to do
Cut your apples into 8th’s and insert an ice lolly stick into each one. Dip your apple pop into either chocolate, dulce de leche, or yogurt. Place on greaseproof paper and cover with your choice of topping. Place in the fridge to set. If making in advance squeeze some lemon juice over your apple slices to prevent them browning.

© pocketnannies 2016

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