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Around the World by Craig Shuttlewood is a wonderful book created for young children to begin learning about different environments around the world. It does this simply and effectively with a couple of sentences to each page with beautiful illustrations.


This book gives you a great base for learning this huge topic. He gives great detail in his illustrations, providing lots of points for conversation about who lives here and what activities can you do in this environment. It is great that he gives two different heights to the pictures too; bottom of the mountain/skies above the mountain, below the sea/life above the sea for example.



The vocabulary, types of environment, the different jobs, colours, different weather that can be learnt from this book are huge for both pre-school and school aged children. On top of this, there is a chance to trace an animal’s action by tracing the indented line across the page. Lots of fun for a yiung child and another excuse to practise fine motor skills to help with learning to write for an older child.

If ‘around the world’ is what your child is interested in or has as a topic, CBeebies offers a programme called Go Jetters that visits another land mark from all over the world every episode. Although it can be slightly tedious when the team have to rescue something that goes wrong every time, it does give you a number of useful pieces of information about each place it visits in a fun way for children, covering geographical, historical and general knowledge aspects.

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