Top Tips | Preparing a Toddler for Moving House

If you can imagine how stressful moving house can be for us adults, we need to remember that it can be stressful and distressing for a toddler. Below are a few ways which hopefully should make the move easier for the younger ones in your family.

If you can go visit the new house before you move with your child then they can picture it when you talk about the house and their new bedroom. Make sure you talk about it positively and a lot in the weeks before you move. Even if they don’t have much language they will understand a lot more than they can say so it is still very much worth talking about it with a not yet verbal child.

A toy or teddy that they get when they go to see the new house but stays at the new house until they move in.
This is another great way to talk about the new house and can be an exciting part of the move.

There are so many great books about moving house out there for older children but we struggled to find too many that were great for toddlers. Topsy and Tim Move House and My New Home were two of the best we could find. Please let us know in the comments below if you have found any good books.

On the day you move
Try and minimise everyones stress by arranging childcare for your children, sometimes watching their house being packed up and being left empty can be quite distressing for little ones so if they can be out the house first thing and then bought back to the new house late in the day it should help ease a bit of stress. Also a house full of boxes and removal men isn’t the safest place to have children running around. If you can have their bed along with their teddies, a few toys and a few familiar books set up for the first evening then they should settle a lot easier in their new bedroom.

Packing a small suitcase with things you will need for the first night and morning in your new house will save you from rummaging through hundreds of boxes for a baby monitor or a bib.

Don’t panic
Children are a lot more resilient than we often give them credit for and can cope with change extremely well if we prepare them and support them through it.

If you find yourself stuck at the beginning of planning a move and are unsure of good, reliable removal companies in your area; check out Compare My Move is a easy to use, no fuss comparison site that gives you the best removal companies in your area, particularly looking at quality and trying to save you money too! If only we’d connected with this company a few months ago it could have benefited one of our pocketnannies with their house move. We checked out their quoting process and lo and behold, the companies’ quotes that came back came out cheaper than what our pocketnannies has just paid for her move! They too have a fabulous blog that give tons of advice in all areas of moving. You can read their blog here.


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