Top Tips | Back to Basics – Topping & Tailing

The first few weeks after your baby is born can go by in a bit of a haze, so we’ve decided to go back to basics for all you first time parents out there and do a series on a few of the basics that will hopefully help you through those first few weeks.

We’re starting our series with topping & tailing.

What on earth is this you ask?
Its basically washing your babies face, neck, hands and bottom with warm water and cotton wool balls. You might find that topping & tailing is the easiest way of washing your baby in their first week.

Morning and evening

What do I need?
Topping & tailing bowl or two small bowls
Cotton wool balls
Two towels
Changing mat
New nappy
Clean clothes
Your baby!

What do I do?

  • Lay out your first towel onto your changing mat and then cover with your second towel.
  • Fill your two bowls with warm water and place your cotton wool balls next to the bowls.
  • Lay your baby onto the towels and undress. Depending on the temperature sometimes you may want to only undress their top half whilst you wash their face, neck and hands and then redress them before undressing their bottom half or you can wrap them in the towel whilst your wash one area.
  • Decide which bowl will be your “top” bowl and which will be your “tail” and MAKE sure you remember which is which! You don’t want to use the water you have used on your babies bottom on their face.
  • Starting with your babies face using the water in the “top” bowl, wash around their face, over and behind their ears and under their chin and over their neck, getting into all the rolls of skin as milk can build up here and can become sore if not cleaned away, change your cotton wool ball regularly when washing. Do not wipe your babies eyes as this can cause infection. If you notice your babies eyes are looking a bit gummy you can place a few drops of breast milk on their eye to help clear up any infections.
  • Next clean your babies hands again using the water in the “top” bowl.
    Finally move onto their bottom. Use the water in the “tail” bowl and change your cotton wool ball after each wipe if possible. With baby girls make sure you remember to only wipe front to back as they are prone to urine infections.
  • Use the top towel to dry your baby and then remove that towel, laying your baby onto the clean and dry towel underneath. Place the clean nappy on your baby and dress them into their clean clothes.

Now you have one clean baby! 

© pocketnannies 2016

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