Out & About | Color Run for The Lullaby Trust

On Sunday Sarah, one of our pocketnannies ran the Color* Run at the O2 Greenwich Peninsula, London. It was a great 5K fun run – The Happiest Run on the the planet. Find out more here. Now we wouldn’t usually blog about running. But I was surprised at how many children were taking part in the color run.

Do you run with your children? We think it’s a brilliant way to spend time exercising with your children. I personally aspire to run with my own children in the future.

Color Run is a completely family friendly run – it’s not a timed race, so it’s not an opportunity to beat your personal best. It’s a run for all, and you definitely don’t have to run it, you can walk the whole run – dance, hop whatever. It’s all about having fun. During the route you will be decorated with colourful powder. So you’ll come out looking a bit like this…


The Color Run costs as follows: a solo color running entry is £25, a team color runner is £23 per runner and children cost £10. Premium entry is £44.

Sarah also ran for The Lullaby Trust who promote safe sleeping for babies as well as most importantly providing specialist support for bereaved families and anyone affected by a sudden infant death. We are pleased to say we will be working with The Lullaby Trust on a blogpost in the near future.

If you would like to sponsor Sarah – the JustGiving page will be open for 3 more months. We, and the Lullaby Trust would be very appreciative. As an example £100 could allow two families of four to go to one of their family days out, helping bereaved families get together in a friendly and informal environment to share experiences and gain strength from each other.

You can access Sarah’s JustGiving page here.

*Yes that’s right it’s Color Run as opposed to Colour – it’s an American brand. It’s bugging me too.

© pocketnannies 2016


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