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It’s quite easy to get stuck in a rut with feeding children similar dishes just on rotation of a week or two. We’ve compiled a list of the meals we make for the children in our care, which may help to get you out of that rut. These dishes are homemade and the recipes are from varying sources. We’ve put links in so you can check out the recipes we’ve previously shared on pocketnannies.

Chicken dishes

Moroccan chicken & couscous
Sweet & sour chicken with noodles
Fruity chicken curry
Chicken goujons
Chicken and Pearl Barley Stew
Lemon chicken
Apricot and mango chicken
Satay chicken (peanuts!)
Sticky chicken drumsticks
Chicken jambalaya
Chicken stir fry

Beef Dishes

Beef stew
Cottage pie
Meatballs & spaghetti with 5 veg tomato pasta sauce
Roast beef with all the trimmings
Beef burgers

Pork dishes

Pork escalopes
Pork and apple casserole
Sausage and bean casserole
Bacon and leek risotto
Honey roasted sausages
Toad in the hole

Lamb dishes

Shepherd’s pie
Lamb, feta and mint burgers

Fish dishes

Fish pie
Teriyaki Salmon
Homemade breaded fish fingers
Smoked salmon & creme fraiche pasta
Tuna tagliatelle
Thai salmon fish cakes
Salmon & broccoli pasta
Fish pappolet
Fish curry

Vegetarian dishes

Vegetable stir fry
Butternut squash risotto
Pasta & Hetta’s pesto
5 veg tomato pasta sauce
Homemade pizzas
Stuffed potato skins
Pasta bake
Giant couscous

What are your children’s/charges favourite meals? Why not get in touch and share your favourite recipe. We’d love to get some of your recipes up on pocketnannies.

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