Discussion | Happy Things August

Can you believe it’s the end of August? We hope you’ve had a lovely time with your children / charges. We’ve heard of lots of nanny families travelling this month, and of course it’s quite a good time to take annual leave. Whatever you’ve been doing we hope August has treated you well. 

Here are our Happy Things for August:

Spending more time with our charges who are usually at school/nursery. Sometimes during term time it feels that you don’t get much time with older children. We really have enjoyed spending more time with our school aged charges.

You didn’t see it because it was a Mumma and Dadda day“.

When a trouble shooting job goes particularly well.

Trips abroad. August sees some time for ourselves, so we can come back to work in September feeling refreshed and ready to go. Ready to settle little ones into nursery and start the school run again.


Some exciting new chapters are opening with new homes and jobs.

“Nannies deserve some time off too”.

Feeling a little bit like a supernanny when you have 5 children. Big playdates are the way forward – lots of fun.

Sarah – Having worked with my family for 6 years – August is my ‘Nanniversary’. I can’t quite believe where the time has gone.

Day Trips – we’ve had some good day trips with our charges. We’ve managed trips to the farm, the seaside and more. It’s been a good summer.

We hope you’ve had fun. If you have children starting school in september we wish you and them the very best of luck. In the meantime if you need some ideas on how to support a child starting school check out our post on that topic right here.
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