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We’d read about toucan box a while back and with the summer holidays looming ordered 2 boxes to see what the concept is like. However we’ve only just gotten around to opening our toucan boxes and doing the crafts. So without further a do..

What is Toucan box?

Quite simply toucan box is “a flexible subscription service delivering creative craft boxes to children aged 3-8″. They contain all the things you need to make the given crafts and instructions. Plus a little activity book, a guide to ‘what we’re learning‘ (very impressive.. think learning opportunities.. EYFS. There’s a good team behind these boxes)!

Our boxes contained 2 crafts: a pirate treasure map and parrot craft. I was really impressed with the crafts.

What’s inside the box?

Everything – literally everything you need to make the aforementioned crafts. We were impressed that you get crayons and glue. Even the tea bag to make the treasure map look old.

Because of this we think it’s the perfect product to travel with (perhaps not this particular craft as we found a little bit messy with the tea painting and feathers). But the fact that you get everything you need, the boxes are compact and there’s enough to keep little ones busy for around 20 to 45 minutes, depending on the child.  Plus hours of fun afterwards playing with their finished products. As the box says ‘Quality time. Delivered‘.




From left to right:
treasure island activity book with further activities, outline of ‘what we are learning’, what’s coming in your next toucan box and the instructions to make the treasure map and parrot partner.

Explore more.. 

Once children have made their crafts there are suggestions for more things to make and games to play. The possibilities are endless.


What does it cost?

A petite box costs £3.95 plus 98p postage. A grande box costs £9.95 plus £2.95 postage, and a super sized box costs £16.95 plus £2.95 postage. Per box.Toucan box is a subscription service. But there is no commitment. Petite boxes come every fortnight and the super and grande boxes come once a month. You can add a second sibling box easily for £3.95. If you would like to buy a one off box as a gift you can also do that in the ‘shop’ part of the website.

You can also get your child to do a ‘Child Learner Quiz’ which will establish which type of learner your child is, and then you can focus on ordering them the boxes which will best suit their learning style.

Overall we were very impressed with the toucan box. It’s very well thought out. Our charges really enjoyed making the crafts from their toucan boxes. We then turned our day into a pirate themed day and had lots of fun role play activities. We’ll definitely be ordering toucan boxes again. We asked our charges what they thought. Quite simply they said “it’s good and I like it“.

If you would like to take advantage of a free box simply use the code sarah-6v3j on the website here.

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