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 After getting to know Jess through a sensory class in London and then learning she was leaving to get married and set up her own business nearer to home we couldn’t wait for her to get herself up and running so we could feature her company Magical Mucnhkins on pocketnannies. If the way she taught the classes in London are anything to go by, these classes are well worth checking out. Classes are held in Orpington, Bromley. Let’s find out about her new venture. And don’t forget, she also provided us with a great post on the benefits of music for children too! You can read that post here.

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Tell us about Magical Munchkins

Magical Munchkins runs a variety of activities for children including classes, birthday parties, magical play days, nursery/pre-school sessions. We are also very passionate about outreach work such as running sessions for children with SEN, deaf or hard of hearing, physical or complex needs. We are just about to start running sessions for a charity called the Maypole Project, a company dedicated to offering support to children with complex medical needs which include play and drama therapy. We are keen to eventually bring Magical Munchkins to hospitals! Watch this space.

Tell us about your Magical Munchkins Classes

Magical Munchkins offers an educational, five stage, creative learning and development programme for under 5s. We offer classes for newborns all the way up to five year olds. All classes centre around music as we believe music is the most creative learning vehicle during the first magical years of learning development. Combined with an expressive and unique teaching style which includes a great deal of sign language, children respond greatly to melody, actions and an expressive class teacher! The classes are designed to nourish all of these aspects through a range of multi-sensory activities designed for each age group and stages of development. We have a four stage progressive curricula which supports babies from birth to active runners, to our older, imaginative explorers through stimulating multi-sensory, musical and magical learning experiences.

At Magical Munchkins, we understand the importance of nurturing babies and toddlers in their first magical years and that’s why our classes start from birth. Our Miniature Munchkins classes provide a multi-sensory space where parents/carers and babies can bond and explore their new magical world together through a range of sensory activities where music is at the core. During their first magical months, babies are continuously developing and it is at this magical stage where babies learn the most.
Our classes are hugely interactive and personal, providing little ones a positive space to interact with their classmates and develop their social skills. Children learn greatly from playing and learning together e.g. parallel play. Sitting side by side, coming together in the middle or peeking at each other in mirrors, children are constantly receptive to their peers and copy what they see and hear.
We have floor to ceiling mirrors which not only increase interaction, it allows adults watch their babies’ reactions during fun activities such as musical circle dances and provides a joyful and personal space for magical moments between parent and child. Magical Munchkins classes are hugely interactive and personal, providing little ones a positive space to interact with their classmates and develop their social skills.

In Musical Munchkins Level 1 (Sitters and Early Walkers) and Musical Munchkins Level 2 (Walkers and Runners), we increase the building blocks of musicality. We begin to include energetic activities where children have hands on fun with lots of musical instruments and sensory props. Hand-eye coordination is developed through learning how to grasp hold of instruments and children build fine motor skills by working their hand and finger muscles whilst they are music making.

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Tell us about your background working with children

I’ve loved working with children for as long as I can remember. From babysitting to performing in primary schools whilst studying at drama school, I’ve always thrived in the pre-school and early years setting.

It was during my MA when I was studying Applied Drama: Drama in educational, community & social contexts that I really understood the value and importance of creative learning for little ones. Something just clicked in to place and I realised that my overarching goal was to run my own creative learning, children’s company.

Since then, I gained experience with a range of companies who specialised in different forms of creativity: drama & storytellers, physical development, dance, sign language and makaton and of course, music! Now I’m proud to say that six years later, I have successfully set up Magical Munchkins!

What do you love the most about what you do?

I love the fact that I have been a part of so many magical moments of children in their first years. I have seen so many first steps, first words, first claps and waves, first baby signs, first grasps and shakes of an instrument and so many more.

I love watching children blossom and develop, watching their speech and physicality grow, seeing them enjoy themselves week after week and helping them learn at their individual rate.

Every child is different and that’s what makes them all magical.I feel proud and privileged to be a part of so many little worlds and help provide a platform for their very own magical moments.

If this sounds like a class you’d love, don’t hesitate to get in contact with Jess and the brilliant world of Magical Munchkins by one of the following:


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