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Last weekend 2 of us went to see Roald Dalh’s The BFG at the IMAX Cinema in Waterloo. Although we’re definitely not film critics we thought we’d tell you a little more about both the cinema and the movie itself. 

The Film

Do you remember reading the BFG as I child? I know I certainly did. Roald Dahl’s books were some of my favourites but I have to say my memory isn’t always that amazing. So it’s lovely to be reliving the books through the children I look after. We haven’t yet read the BFG, so it was lovely to see the film with a fresh mind.

The story is told really well, for a little overview Sophie, an orphan meets a Big Friendly Giant one night, and he whisks her away to Giant land – then the adventures really begin.

The film is directed by Steven Spielberg. We found ourselves laughing throughout the film. It is a lovely story. The mumblings of the BFG are rather amusing, and his muddled English is portrayed very well. This is the reason the Roald Dahl books stick with me I think. Those made up words that are funny and imaginative. I think that’s what really gets children interested in his stories.

We found the film to be rather dark (literally, not the content as such), so it maybe a little scary for younger children. The BFG has been given a PG rating and contains ‘mild threat’. It is 117 minutes long. We found the IMAX cinema particularly dark as well, so young ones may need reassuring before you go in.


We chose to go to the BFI IMAX Waterloo. Neither of us had been to an IMAX cinema before. (At least not that we can really remember). We found the experience of the IMAX very good. We paid £18.50 for our tickets for a Saturday showing. We’ve looked back at ticket prices and found that they do vary rather a lot so it’s best to check the website with a specific date, time, film and cinema in mind. We felt it was worth paying more than your average cinema. The Waterloo IMAX boasts the largest screen in Britain. (A whopping 26m by 20m). It was also shown in 3D, which we would also recommend. It just gave it that extra edge! Having only seen Toy Story 3, years ago, I myself enjoyed the 3D experience. Despite the oversized glasses that of course you have to wear. You can book tickets through Odeon.


We’d definitely recommend the BFG. Even for a trip to the cinema without children. It’s a very enjoyable film. It brings back some very fond childhood memories.

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