Activities | Mini Olympic Games

We’re joining the countdown to the Olympics which start this Friday 5th August 2016 – 21st August 2016, with some Olympic themed activities and baking. Did you see our post on Monday? We’ve been busy baking medals with our little Olympians. Click here if you missed it.

We’ve been organising some Olympic games in the garden (between showers) for our little ones. It maybe a good idea to gather friends round for an Olympic themed afternoon just to encourage the fun.

We’ve set up a throwing activity using different types of balls or a bean bag if you have one. We used a range of different sized and heighted containers to throw the objects into just to keep it interesting for the children. It’s great to practice throwing and ball skills, regardless of the Olympics.

We also held some basic races, such as running races and relay races. We’re lucky enough to have a track at our local park, so have practiced our running there. The more children you have joining in the more exciting the atmosphere will become.

You can also create an obstacle course for you children/charges using cones and other items you may find in the home/garden.

We’ve also held a gymnastics show, which our charges loved. What little girl doesn’t love doing handstands and cartwheels. Why not get all the family involved?

How about teaching children the art of throwing a frisbee or paper plate in place of a discus.

Did you know table tennis is an Olympic sport? Why not find a local table tennis table? We’ve noticed a few in local parks around London.


We also think it’s great for children to watch the Olympics on the television so they can gain an understanding of the importance of the Olympiad and it’s associated sports and countries.  At the end, make sure you hand out the medals to the children. What other Olympic events could you hold in your mini Olympics? Whatever you do, have fun.

© pocketnannies 2016


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