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Back in 2012 when the Olympic Games came to London, I made these biscuit medals with my charge. They turned out even better than I thought they would and I absolutely adore them. With the Olympic Games kicking off in Rio this Friday 5th August we have made them again! The Olympics are so special and  inspiring and it is the perfect time to get out and try a new sport. On Wednesday we have a post full of ideas for a mini Olympic games in your garden and these biscuits would be the perfect post games treat.


Heres what you will need to make your own medals:
A batch of Nigellas butter biscuit dough
Icing sugar
Hot water
Writing icing
Gold or silver edible  shimmer spray (we used Dr.Oetker from our local supermarket)
Edible decorations

Make a batch of round butter biscuits, remember to make a small hole about a cm from the top of the biscuit before cooking for your ribbon to eventually go through.

When cool, make some water icing using icing sugar and hot water. Push the ribbon through the holes and then spread the icing over the biscuits. Using some writing icing you can either write 2016 or 1st or something similar. Then spray your biscuits with the edible shimmer spray.



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