Discussion | July Happy Things 

Oh July you’ve been rather lovely after all.. Despite the rainy days we started off with. We’ve felt much better since the Sun made an appearance – just in time for the start of the summer holidays. We hope you’ve had a lovely month.

Here are our happy things for July…

THE SUMMER HOLIDAYS! That is a happy thought right there – we’re loving having our big ones around and not having to rush out the door for the school run.

Me: “This is my office”.  Little one: “No, this is my house. Don’t be silly”. It’s a confusing concept, children don’t quite understand nannying is our job and technically their house is our ‘office’.

Summer days playing in the paddling pool and/or our favourite local play fountains.

Little One: “Sarah, is this the hottest day of my life”?

Little ones learning to walk. 🙂

Counting down to our own Summer holidays.. It’s nice to get away and have a little break – as much as we enjoy our time with the children in our care. It’s good to come back feeling refreshed.

Eating ice creams with our charges – even if they are the leftovers they’ve promptly decided they don’t want to eat. It would be rude not to…

What are your plans for the month of August? We’re really into Summer holiday mode at the moment and hope you’re enjoying it too.


© pocketnannies 2016

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