Activities | The inevitable rainy day.

Welcome to the Summer Holidays. We believe that you can’t always have plans for children, they need time to just play at home without an endless schedule of activities and playdates. This was reinstated in our minds having read this article.

Unfortunately we all know the British summer isn’t always as reliable as we’d like it to be. Plans and ideas can change at the drop of a hat. When we originally planned this post it had been raining for days on end, but now we’ve just had a wonderful few days of sun.

Although we love to encourage children to play and relax at home away from full diaries, some can become caged very quickly. So we’ve devised a list of small fun things to do you can keep up your sleeve that can give children a helping hand to let their imaginations run free. They could certainly help us adults if we get another few dodgey weeks…lets hope not! Without further a do here are some ideas for things to do on that inevitable rainy day.

Make up a dance routine.

Build a den or fort. 

Make smoothies/juices/milkshakes. Make a cafe if you can’t face going to one.

Puddle jumping. Yes get the wellies on and get outside!

Play dough. Find our 5 minute recipe here.

Play old fashioned board games.

Get baking. 

Music time/singing time. 

Painting. Even for the little ones – mess free painting. (Think  along the lines of some ziplock bags and paint).

Sensory trays of some description. We’ve done autumn inspired sensory trays, shaving foam play and kinetic sand previously. But the list of possibilities is endless..

Why not order a Toucan Box. A fantastic subscription of arts and crafts kits for 3-8 year olds on a fornightly or monthly basis. We reviewed Toucan Boxes over the summer see what we thought here.

Write a story or poem. We’ve found keeping children writing during the holidays is really important. Just 10 minutes a day, will help no end. Likewise with maths – the summer holidays are a long time for children to go without doing some sort of writing / numeracy.

Make puppets and perform a puppet show. Lollipop sticks/shadow puppets/sock puppets.

Make popcorn.

We’ve found during the ‘heatwave’ staying inside and keeping cool has kept the children happier. So we’ve been doing some of these activities anyway.

What are your favourite activities for keeping children occupied?


© pocketnannies 2016

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