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I stumbled across Magnet Mouse whilst searching for easy to do up baby grows for a friend. The branding is very cute and when my order arrived I was very impressed with the packaging and the fact the order came beautifully wrapped. The only trouble (but not really a trouble) was I didn’t want to ruin the lovely wrapping, so I had to wait very patiently until Baby was born to take photos of the products and even see them. The hand written note signed by ‘Mouse x’ just makes it perfect. 





I’m really glad I ordered from an independent brand that I hadn’t heard of before. I’d much prefer to support a small company.

As you can see the items themselves are adorable – traditional cute designs with collars which make for a smart appearance. The magnets work super well, and nearly almost do themselves up – they’re strong. I was particularly impressed with the bib and thought how much quicker a Magnet Mouse bib would be when you have a hungry baby to feed. Overall – brilliant products. I would highly recommend.

You can see how the concept works here:

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