Activities | Beach Games

Are you off to the beach this summer? Whether you are braving the British seaside or jetting off on a beach holiday to somewhere sunny and hot, why not give our beach games a try.


Pass the water
You’ll need a cup each and a bucket filled with water. Standing in a line, the person at the front fills their cup with water from the bucket, reaches up and pours it behind their head and the person behind has to catch as much of the water in their cup as they can. Each person does this down the line until the last person who pours it into a second bucket. 

Hula hoop challenge
Holding hands in a line you have to try and get the hula hoop down the line of people without letting go of each others hands.

Pictionary in the sand
Smooth over the sand where you are and using a stick or your hands take it in turns to draw something in the sand (the bigger the better). Everyone then has to guess what has been drawn.

Fill the bucket
Each person has a large shell or a plastic cup and a bucket. Place all the buckets in a line about 10metres from the water. Everyone has to race to the water, fill their shell/cup and run back and put the water into their bucket. The first person to fill their bucket wins.

© pocketnannies 2016

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