Recipes | Mud Cakes

The recipe for this mudcake is taken from DK’s ‘The Cooking Book’. It’s a great cookery book for children – very visual, and easy to follow the instructions. This is a perfect recipe to make with children as they can be very involved. Adult supervision will be need when using boiling water etc. 

Mud cake squares are perfect for a picnic treat or school cake sale. 


175g butter
250g broken biscuits (that’s great fun in itself)
1 tbsp cocoa powder
125g caster sugar
125g mixed dried fruit
1 chocolate bar for topping
chocolate strands


  1. Melt the butter (don’t get it too hot, just melt it)!
  2. Add cocoa and sugar (take the pan off the heat to do this).
  3. Now add fruit and biscuits.
  4. Mix it all up.
  5. Put foil in the tin.
  6. Pour in the mix.
  7. Press it down.
  8. Place it in the fridge (leave it for about 2 hours).

How to make the topping:

Pour some very hot hot water into a bowl place another bowl on top of it.
Break up the chocolate and place it in the top bowl.
Let the heat melt  it.

  1. Melt the chocolate
  2. Pour it on
  3. Spread it out.

Allow the chocolate topping to cool and then chop into squares. These mudcakes can also be made in paper cake cases.

Next: Enjoy.

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