Discussion | June Happy Things

We can’t quite believe June has passed so quickly. We’ve been rather busy planning for the Summer Holidays. But for the moment here are our happy things and funny quotes  from the children we look after.

June was the month that we found out we have been featured in the July/August issue of baby London magazine, which we are very excited about.

We’ve been enjoying lots of picnics whilst dodging all the rain.

“Can I go upstairs and finish tidying now”? Ummm Yes!

Having a 3 year old charge who still falls asleep on your lap occasionally. 😍

“You’re the best babysitter in the class”. (Why thank you)!

We met the lovely Kathryn from Nana’s Manners in our first business meeting. Read more about that here.

“Sarah, you’re so tall, you’re growing up to the ceiling. You might even be a tree”!

The Summer holidays are just around the corner. Hooraay for time to do fun activities.

“Sarah, stop smiling at me”.

Eating British strawberries for pudding!


We can’t quite believe that June is basically done, this year really does seem to be flying past. How was June for you? Did your little one reach an new milestone? What have you got planned for July?


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