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Thanks to our feature in Baby London magazine we were contacted by Alegre Media who put us in contact with Kathryn from Nana’s Manners. Last week Sarah & Sophie met with Kathryn, the brains behind Nana’s Manners for a discussion about her business.


So what is Nana’s Manners?

Nana’s Manners is a company set up by Kathryn Baldrey-Chourio. Kathryn has a background in teaching and having met her we can tell you she’s very passionate about helping children gain independence and the product itself. 

Nana’s first product is a cutlery set which enables children to learn how to use a knife and fork properly. ‘After much research, testing and development, we now have the perfect shaped handles that teach little hands to hold and use a knife and fork independently‘.

Kathryn’s cutlery is so well designed that once a child’s index finger is in the correct position their other fingers will instinctively fit into the correct places. Each set of cutlery comes with corresponding stickers to guide children for the first few uses. Compared to other children’s cutlery it enables children to then focus on the cutting of their food, so that mealtimes can become a more relaxed and social experience.

Kathryn is currently ready to launch her beautifully designed cutlery. The project is currently in the ‘funding’ process of a Indiegogo. It works by people pledging a certain amount of money, which relates to a number of units or products from Nana’s Manners. For example a pledge of £16 (plus shipping) will get you 1 set of cutlery and conversation cards. £84 will get you 4 sets of cutlery, cards, 2 cases and a tote bag. Head directly to the Nana’s Manners Indiegogo page here.

We were lucky enough to get our hands on a prototype during our meeting with Kathryn. We were surprised at just how comfortable to hold the cutlery is – a lot more so than other children’s cutlery. Kathryn spent a long time moulding the shape of the handles using her classroom modelling clay!

What next?

The manufacture of the products has now been given the go ahead, meaning backers can expect to get their items in September/October. Kathryn has lots more ideas for future products that we think sound super exciting and original.

We highly recommend this cutlery and are looking forward to seeing our charges become more independent at mealtimes, enabling us to enjoy more conversation.


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