Top Tips | Updating your CV

When it comes to updating your CV it can be quite a minefield. How much do you write? How many jobs do you include? You may have been in a job for a long time you may have an awful lot to write about! The list goes on.. but with a combination of some agencies opinions and our own experiences we’ve come up with our top tips which we hope will help you.

Our top tips:

  • You should change your CV to fit the relevant age for jobs you are seeking, i.e if you have been with school age children and are looking for a new job for with a baby. Make sure your baby experience stands out.
  • Pair your CV with a portfolio of all your experience. If you get an interview this can really back up the things you have stated in your CV and parents love to see what you have done for other children after hearing it from you.
  • List your extra qualifications/aspects eg. Driving licence, lifeguarding certificate, sleep training certificate. These could be the things that make you stand above the other candidates.
  • If you are just starting out as a nanny we found that BAPN has some good tips for CV writing, find out more here.


Agencies top tips:

Agency 1…Do’s

  • Write a short piece about you
  • Include the three most current posts in detail and list the rest with dates and ages of children. Names are not needed. But include all roles
  • Highlight the different things that have happened in each job to really show your range of experience.


  • Write a story about your experience ‘First I did this, then I did this and then I moved onto to that’. It makes its very hard to read!

Agency 2..Do’s

  • A clearly laid out CV is very important to enable an easy read.
  • Each job description needs to have consise information in it with the unique points of each job standing out.
  • After a description about you include a couple of sentences about what you are looking for your next role. Eg. Sole charge, shared care, travel, amount of hours.

Agency 3..Do’s

  • Absolutely no more than 2 pages. The first page needs to really stand out-potential employers may have a lot to get through!
  • Include a mission statement about you-what are you like as a nanny, what practices do you stand by.
  • Bullet point job responsibilities in most current posts. Give basic details for older ones.


  • Don’t give anyone your CV if it has spelling/grammar mistakes in. It’s so easy to spellcheck!

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