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My school aged charge told me just this week there’s only 4 weeks of school left until the Summer holidays. With this is mind we thought it was about time to tell you about Summer Camps available.

Is the thought of the summer holidays filling you with dread? Trying to keep little (and big ones) entertained for weeks on end. It can be difficult to think of new activities and places to go, here at pocketnannies we’ll hopefully be able to provide you with lots of fun ideas for summer fun. 🙂

Here we have compiled a list of ‘Summer Holiday Camps’ and activities that are going on in London – because sometimes children just need some routine, a little space of their own and tonnes of fun. Perhaps you have to work during the holidays, or your nanny / child minder is away? Click on the title of each to take you to their website to find out more. Now is the time to be thinking about Summer holiday camps and booking – some companies even offer an ‘early bird’ discount.

Barracudas offers day camps full of activities to children aged 4.5- 16 years. There are 80+ activities to keep the children busy. (Not all in one day)! There are 12 locations of Barracudas within the M25, however the 3 most central are Streatham & Clapham, Twickenham and Croydon.

Young Stars
Young Stars is a sports based holiday camp, offering lots of summer fun for children aged 3+ (depending on location). There are 5 locations in South West London

Stagecoach Theatre  Arts School also offer singing, dancing and drama classes for children aged 4 – 16 (depending on location).

Mini Engineers
Mini Engineers is a Lego building class (why didn’t they have these when we were little)! which takes places in various locations across London during the school holidays. There are themed camps such as London Transportation Camp and Aerospace Camp. Mini Engineers. Mini Engineers is for children aged 5 – 11 years old.

First Hand Experiences
First Hand Experiences sounds like a fun set of holiday camps which we discovered in our local Families magazine. These camps are for children aged 4-16 . The day camps offer adventures to celebrate the natural world. There’s exploring the outdoors, music, theatre, and the food offerings sound great! There are 3 locations across London. Children can also stay away.

Fun Fashionistas
These workshops ‘Spark your child’s passion for fashion’. Children can learn starter skills including fashion drawing & design, collaging, appliqué customisation and basic sewing.

Youth Music Theatre
YMT is where Ed Sheeran discovered his love for performing. For children aged 11-21, the Summer Skills Courses provide children with a whole host of theatre experiences, including creating and performing a new musical. This is a stay away from home camp!

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