Activities | Butterfly Patterns

We’ve been going dotty over butterflies over the last week. Not only have we ‘grown our own’, we’ve also seen hundreds of butterflies at ‘Sensational Butterflies’ and to end our butterfly themed week we have some butterfly crafts to share with you.

We used a simple butterfly shape printed from the internet and some sticky dots with our main aim being to discuss patterns but also of course butterflies.

I made a simple pattern on the left hand wing for my 3 year old charge to follow. I did columns of colours so that the children can follow it easily. You could make the pattern more complex for older children. You can also invite even older children to create their own patterns entirely.

Learning opportunities, (to name a few):
Counting the dots to follow the pattern .
Counting the stickers off the sheet.
Fine motor skills.
Discussing the concept of Symmetry.
Talking about primary colours.


This design (below) was created entirely by a 6 year old. I literally gave a few hints as to where she should add more stickers to make it more symmetrical.


This pattern below was created by a 3 year old who copied the pattern I did on the left hand wing. You could make the pattern as simple or as complex as you like.


There are so many simple butterfly crafts you could do with your little ones. For example we cut out a butterfly shape from a paper plate and decorated them with gems, glitter, paper, stickers etc. We do love a bit of cutting and sticking. You can also check out these cute butterflies made using coffee filters in our previous post, here.


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