Out & About | Sensational Butterflies

This week we’ve got our ‘Butterfly Themed Week’ for you. On Monday we had a review of Insect Lore’s Live Butterfly Garden for you, and on Friday we’ve some butterfly activities lined up. Today we focus on Sensational Butterflies the current exhibition at the Natural History Museum, London.

In the grounds if the Natural History Museum, you will find a tropical butterfly house. The house itself looks pretty small but it’s home to hundreds of different species of butterflies. We enjoyed our walk around the butterfly house. To be honest we took our time, the children meandered along the path gazing at the butterflies and also the huge array of chrysalises in the display room.



There are literally hundreds of butterflies flying around freely. You may even be lucky enough to have one land on you. Chrysalises were sent from various countries  -“species sourced ethically from Africa, South America, North America and Asia”.


Sensational Butterflies is from 24 March – 11 September 2016. Tickets are priced from Adult, child and concession £5.85, Family £19.80 Free for Members, Patrons and children under four.

We love this amazing collection of photos from the Guardian, which you can see here. We just wish we could become such good butterfly photographers.


The tickets give you an allocated time slot. Ie. 10.00am, 10.15, 10.30. Which loosely suggests can stay in the butterfly house for 15 minutes. We have to be completely honest here, it doesn’t take long as it’s not huge at all. But it’s still incredible to see so many different butterflies under one roof.

We’ve been looking at butterflies as part of our themed week. Check out our other butterfly related posts…








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