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Are you ever stuck for a present for young children? If you’re looking for something a little outside the box, we think we have the answer for you. We love and would highly recommend this Live Butterfly Garden is by Insect Lore who have been ‘growing butterflies’ since 1969! You can find out more at their website here. We found children of varying ages are very interesting in growing their own butterflies.

We bought the ‘Live Butterfly Garden, Caterpillars to Butterflies Growing Kit’. The cost is £15. (Although prices do seem to vary), and you can buy different kits too. Inside this kit you get a Caterpillar certificate, butterfly garden habitat – a mesh nest, instruction booklet and a feeding pipette. You have to send off for the caterpillars (of course they can’t live in the box, on the shelf for however long). There is a postage & packing fee of £2.99. You can order additional caterpillars for £11.99. An expensive hobby for children to take up full time!! 

It’s for children 4+ however we know some younger curious children who may enjoy watching the caterpillars grow. However jiggling the nest too much or dropping it can cause damage to the caterpillars/their cocoons – so you will have to keep the nest up high and supervise. 🙂

There are lots of learning opportunities within this product. From the day the tiny caterpillars arrive in a little box until the day you set your butterflies free. We learnt a lot more about caterpillars and their life-cycle and metamorphosis into butterflies.

We loved our experience to growing butterflies and will definitely send off for more in the future.



Caterpillars are only sent out between the months of March through to September.

Insect Lore are also on Twitter.


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