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There’s no escaping the fact that children are now growing up in a world full of technology. While of course we don’t encourage too much screen time, we do have some applications that we recommend. Some are for children and some are to help your day run smoothly as an adult looking after children.


Hip Hop Hen
We’ve featured Hip Hop Hen in a previous post (here), which is an app great for phonics practice. It’s one of the only ones we use with our charges, as we try to be as technology free as possible.

Hoop London
The app to ‘find great things to do with your kids’. We’ve found hoop great because you can search for what is on in your area, it gives you events and classes for today and looking at future dates. It’s a great way to plan your little ones diary. Find out more here.

Gobaby London
Gobaby London is the app that helps you navigate London in a stress free manner. It tells you buggy accessible underground stations as well as baby changing spots. Very handy indeed especially if you’re a new mum and/or visiting London. Find it here.

Medical emergency app
For iPhone users you should make sure your Medical ID in the Health app is filled out. Find out more here. What would happen if something happened to you whilst looking after children? This is the way to solve that worry. We have heard emergency staff are now being trained to check for people’s medical ID.

Hello Mums Babysitting app
Back in October we did ‘an interview with..’Kate from Hello Mums‘. Guess what there’s now a Hello Mums babysitting app. Very handy for busy Mums, on the go. Check it out here.

Lullaby Trust Baby Check app
This app helps you to decide whether or not you should take your child to the doctor. We think it can be very reassuring to double check. Find out more here. Of course if you are worried about your baby you should call a doctor or NHS 111 for non emergency advice.

Mush is a new free app. It is said to be NCT meets Tinder the perfect app to find mums near you with children of similar age. The perfect play date organising app. Find out more here.


Artkive is an app that turns all your childrens artwork, all those pieces of paper into the app/computer and then you can even order books of art work. A very neat way to store all those treasures that you don’t want to part with, but may have to. More here.

Baby Pics
We love the milestones pictures that people seem to be taking these days think ‘6 months old’ etc. Baby pics app helps you to capture lovely pregnancy pictures and milestones images. It costs £2.99 but we think it’s completely worth it. You can find it here.


What apps do you use ? Have we missed some ?

Featured image source via pinterest here.

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