Discussion | May Happy Things

Well there we have it another month is nearly over. May has been a good one for us. What have you been up to? We’ve had lots of happy things happen and we’re already looking forward to June.

Being Proud
Being so proud of your charges when they accomplish new challenges. This month has been all about the potty for one of our charges.

Being Creative
Completely out of the blue one of our charges came out with: “Can we get creative“? Of course we can.. to the craft cupboard, immediately!

Dancing like nobody is watching
Dancing around to Justin Timberlake’s new song with our little ones. Maybe we’ve found a replacement to Uptown Funk!

Celebrating 1st birthdays. (Whilst thinking where that past year has gone? This time last year we were only just discussing the concept of pocketnannies as a site. We didn’t even have a name yet)!

Releasing our ‘home-grown’ butterflies into the garden. (A slightly sad moment as they were technically my charges 1st pet).

Funny quotes
Whilst playing crocodiles (as you do)!
Me: “I’m going to eat you”.
3 year old: “In real life”?
Me: “No of course I’m not going to eat you in real life”!

Half term
Another holiday! Hooray. We love them, more time to spend with our little ones = more time to do fun activities and trips.

Ice Lollies
Eating our homemade ice lollies in the garden.. we share our favourite lolly moulds here.

Booking our summer holidays. Yay.

We’d love to know your Happy Things for May.. have you had good news? Happy thoughts or your little ones reached a big milestone?

© pocketnannies 2016



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