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This time it’s not a children’s book that we are reviewing. The Unmumsy Mum is written by Sarah Turner, published in February this year. It’s a relatively new book that has been taking the book charts by storm.

What to expect? As the blurb suggests ‘THIS IS NOT A PARENTING MANUAL. THIS IS REAL LIFE’. It’s a reflection of the good, the bad and the ugly so to speak. A very personal account of parenting. It’s a great read – in fact I read the first 164 pages in one sitting! That’s a sure fire sign of a good book right there. I read this book in just 4 sittings. I just couldn’t put it down…

The Unmumsy Mum is easy to read and Turner some how makes it personal. Maybe it’s because all mums (and other care givers, Dad’s we’re not forgetting you) are going through the same things on pretty much a daily basis.

The Unmumsy Mum, started off as a blog and Sarah now has a huge social media presence.You can follow the fun of The Unmumsy Mum on Facebook and Twitter. Once you start reading a book like this or a blog, you instantly connect because it’s such a personal account and you feel like you’re getting to know Sarah and her family.


This book makes it okay to not be perfect – many followers write into Sarah with their issues and struggles. It’s reassuring that people are talking about their issues as it can be daunting and sometimes lonely caring for young children at home all day. If you find yourself or someone you know really struggling you can read our post on Postnatal Depression here. Sarah also refers to resources at the back of the book, APNI (Assotation for Post Natal Illness is just one example.

Social media plays a large role in today’s society and unfortunately there’s no escaping that. Sarah talks about how much parents compare themselves and/or their children and it’s even worse with social media now.

We found this article right on topic and well worth a read.

If you’re needing a pick me up kind of read, one to laugh at when all you seem to be doing is feeding your baby and changing nappies. This is the one..
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