People & Products | Ice Lolly Moulds

With the weather getting warmer the time has come to get your ice lolly moulds out. Below we have found four of our favourites.

1. Zoku £15.74
This one is best for the littlest ones in your house. Easy to hold and small enough for little tummies. They pop out of the mould very easily, and will fit into a small freezer, but it needs to stay flat whilst they freeze.

2. Ikea £3 for four
Great for older children, and easy to fit in your freezer (just make sure you push the lids on properly so they don’t leak)

3. Rocket £7.75
Perfect for a party or playdate. Easy to remove from the mould after running under warm water.

4. Norpro £12.86
We love this one as it makes proper old school looking ice lollies. Again perfect for a party or just a summer afternoon treat.

 Enjoy your ice lollies!! The good thing is children love them no matter the weather, which is a good thing with our unpredictable weather in the UK! 


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