Top Tips | Alternative Reward Charts


Like lots of things, rewards charts have gone in and out of ‘fashion’ in the parenting world. Some people love them whist others despise them. We love them here at pocketnannies when they are used effectively and everyone is consistent with them, especially as over time we have come up with some alternatives to the standard star chat. We like the fact that they are visual aids to help children track their progress and the fact that they encourage you to praise the good and ignore the bad behaviours.

To make an effective reward chart you should try and:

  • make it age appropriate
    For young children focus on one behaviour at a time, when they reach school age you can then focus on more at one time. School age children can trade in stickers to gain a reward whilst with younger children they need an instant reward of something small, a sticker maybe enough to encourage a positive behaviour.
  • let your children be involved
    Encourage them to help make their chart, let them think of some suitable rewards, ask them to suggest how many stickers are needed to gain each reward.
  • make it clear and specific
    Explain carefully the positive behaviour you are looking for and how the child can gain a sticker.


Rubber band tube

You will need a kitchen roll tube, white paper, sellotape or glue, stickers and rubber bands.

Cover your tube with the white paper using the sellotape or glue to fix it in place. Decorate the tube with some colourful stickers. Then when your child has showed their positive behaviour they get to place a runner band round the tube. Agree beforehand with your child how many rubber bands they need to gain a reward.

Fairy rocks

You will need: clear plastic tub or jar, marbles or clean stones

Discuss with your child how many fairy rocks they will need to get before the fairies can leave them a surprise as a reward.

I caught you being good rocket

Draw a simple rocket on an A4 piece of paper, then let your child decorate it. Split the rocket into 5 to 10 sections. Explain to your child that when you catch them being kind, caring and polite then they will move up a section on the rocket. When they reach the top they gain a reward.


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