Discussion | April Happy Things

Iceland. We have our first pocketnannies trip booked for this weekend. How are you enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend?

Ultimate compliments: “You’re the best Nanny I’ve ever known”. (I’m still blushing)!

100 blogposts on pocketnannies! On Monday of this week we posted our 100th blogpost. Since starting pocketnannies in October 2015, we’ve brought you 100 posts, including activities, recipes and interviews with. Thank you to all those people who have helped us on our journey so far.

Spring finally being here. Lighter evenings – stretching out the afternoon just a little bit longer before teatime. Blossom on the trees… that was all going well until we had SNOW IN APRIL!?

Reaching over 300 likes on Facebook this week. 

Cute Quotes: “He’s not a baby, he’s half a toddler”. (Talking about her 11month old brother).

Ordering our leaflets.. Coming to a notice board near you.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 22.43.52

What have your happy things been for April? We’re looking forward to what May will bring.

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