An Interview With… | A Manny

We were approached by James, a Manny, that wanted to share with pocketnannies what life is like as a nanny from a male perspective. 

We found that “Fewer than 2% of staff working in early years and childcare in England are men” according to this publication from the Fatherhood Institute and that’s just the start of the statistics. 

Why do you think families specifically require a manny rather than a nanny? 

Well, I would be the first to admit I have only ever worked with boys…very active boys aswell! I think due my background as a PE teacher, I can play football etc with them, get muddy all of those silly things, play a bit of FIFA on the Xbox now and then as treat. Not to say that women cannot play football or Fifa for that matter!! Also, I can cook but I’m no Jamie Oliver, everyone has there strengths and weaknesses, I could never work with a baby…I would be lost! But I suppose the most important aspect is being a male role model!

How did you get into mannying?

Long and crazy story! I used to be a head of PE in London, and used to tutor common entrance exams on the side to earn some extra cash for a company called Regal Tutors. At a Christmas party I met a nanny for a family in Richmond, who used to be a teacher in Australia. It sounded like the most fun job ever! Especially as I never had any brothers I thought this would be a great thing for me! I found out about a few nanny agencies, and within a few weeks I was off to Moscow for a job opportunity with a lovely family. Loved Moscow!

What is your  background? 

I used to swim and play football to a high level as a teenager, up until I was 19. Then after a small injury forced me to stop playing professional football I applied to be a PE teacher. I was a teacher for 5 years being a head of year and department during that time in a great secondary school. I definitely miss aspects of it, mostly the kids! But I definitely don’t miss the bureaucracy around teaching these days. We need to let kids be kids in my opinion.

Did tutoring previously set you up well, for your manny role?

It certainly did! Especially for 7+common entrance exams!! Getting to know application and selection process along with a few cheeky tricks is invaluable! The hype around public school exams is incredible.

How do you help children to enjoy your tutoring sessions? 

Getting into character and making it based around real life situations! I have been known to dress up as Harry Potter and Iron Man to name a few to break the ice! Anyway on a serious note, I guess using a sweet shop situation to teach money values would be a good example!

What do your friends/family think of your profession as a nanny? 

They laugh, but then again they don’t laugh when they find out I’m in Monaco or Beverley hills. I love the travelling aspect of it. But more than that I love creating a buddy bond with the children which you can’t quite do as a teacher.

We think it would be great to see more men in childcare. What do you think? Would you hire a Manny?

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