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I’d been on the look out for a sand tray activity for a while. My little one had a sudden fascination with the beach and sand. So firstly we spotted a show called Circles in the  Sand. Did we tell you how much we love taking children to the theatre? Check out this post for a little more on that.

A trip to the seaside isn’t always possible so why not bring the beach to your house or garden. I decided to do a bit more than sand, kinetic sand is an idea I’d seen on pinterest. You may have seen moon sand in the shops/online. But this is really cheap and easy to do yourself. The ‘recipe’ is courtesy of Sugar Aunts, you can find it just here.

2 cups sand The early learning centre sell a small (5kg) bag of sand for £2.50.
About 1/2 a can shaving foam (I accidentally picked up shaving gel, but still seemed to work well).

one box bicarbonate of soda

Plus a suitable tray/container, shells, and items to play in the sand with.


I already had a collection of shells, and miniature buckets and spades which worked perfectly. My little one loved the sand tray, sometimes he’s not fond of getting his hands dirty, but once he’d got into this activity he was well and truly engrossed. We made sand castles, talked about how the sand felt and also counted the shells.




This is a wonderful activity to share with children.

Perfect for a little bit of outdoor play, or perhaps you don’t mind bringing the outdoors in.


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