Books | Duck and Goose

Duck and Goose are an American series of books, full of colour, wonderful pictures, and endearing storylines.

There is a large range of Duck and Goose stories, but these are some of my favourites.

Duck and Goose Go to the Beach is a fabulous story of support and friendship with a sense of adventure. The pictures show great emotion, detail, and engage the children I’ve read this story to time and time again.

Duck and Goose Colors is my favourite colour book to look at with children. I like the relevant examples they give children; animal’s feet or beak colour, food, flowers, many things you continue point out to children on a daily basis. The pictures are bright, fun and realistic, my charges have loved it!

Duck and Goose have plenty of seasonal books and this choice is about autumn and finding a pumpkin. This book is full of repetition, which children love and respond to so well in books, teamwork, a sense of achievement and beautiful pictures.

 Duck and Goose offer so many learning opportunities for children, even when you have finished reading the stories there are always so many things to talk about and extend a child’s thoughts and learning. A great read from Tad Hills!

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