Activities | Coffee Filter Butterflies

This brilliant craft activity has been a favourite of our friend Charlotte for years, whilst caring for children on their skiing holidays in Morzine, France.

A great activity for both boys and girls with a choice between dragonflies and butterflies to be made, here is all you need to know to get creating!

You will need:                    image

  1. Coffee filters
  2. Wooden pegs
  3. Felt tip pens
  4. Paintbrush
  5. Pot of water
  6. Scissors


Start by cutting the corrugated edge off the coffee filter, so it opens out (but keep closed). If your child is not very steady with scissors, you may want to pre cut.

Choose some lovely colourful pens to make patterns on the filter. Once the coffee filter has been coloured in to their satisfaction, add water! Some children think it’s going to ruin their pretty pattern. But once they’ve seen what happens, they will love brushing water onto the colours and seeing how the colours bleed together.

Leave to dry… Don’t be tempted to open the filter early!

Whilst the children are waiting for their butterfly to dry, they can draw a face of their butterfly or dragonfly body onto the wooden clothes peg. 

Once the coffee filter is dry, open out the filter papar and they will see the pretty pattern they have created. Fold the paper like a fan and pinch in the middle with a peg.

Voila, they have pretty butterflys/dragonflys to play with, or to hang up.

© pocketnannies 2016


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