Books | There’s a house inside my Mummy


Are you or someone you know expecting a baby? When the second (or third, forth..) pregnancy happens it’s very different as you’ve another little person to prepare for the baby’s arrival. That’s where this lovely book ‘There’s a House Inside my Mummy’ comes in very helpful.

We love this book. It explains the pregnancy very well.. but without going into too much detail. Children don’t need to know it all at a young age, but do be prepared for some possibly awkward questions. You might want to have some typical responses lined up that match with your partners/nanny’s/care givers ideas of what’s acceptable to tell your child!

This book is cleverly written by Giles Andreae in a rhyming format. It is aimed at first born children to explain the feelings they may be going through as a brother or sister. It’s easy to read to children and also easy for children to understand, as it is written through the eyes of a child. The book also contains lovely illustrations by Vanessa Cabban. It brings up why Mummy might be eating funny things, talks about waiting for the baby to arrive and the role of a big brother. It will create talking points for you and your child. There’s a House Inside my Mummy is reassuring to young children who may not know what to expect during their Mum’s pregnancy.

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