Out & About | Go Ape Battersea Park

A few weekends ago I pretended to be brave and completed the Go Ape Junior course. I know it sounds pathetic but look at the photos, the course is HIGH and there are two zip wires! But I actually had the most fun and would highly recommend it.

After booking online which was very quick and easy, we (myself and a brave 6 year old) arrived five minutes late for our time slot, but luckily this wasn’t a problem and we were soon having our harnesses tightened and checked. A lady then talked us through the rules and how the continuous belay system works. We then had a quick go to check we knew what we were doing and then we were ready to begin.

The course took just under an hour to complete, each crossing was different and challenging in its own way. The 6 year old had been twice before so he was literally swinging from the trees and had zero fear. About twenty minutes in you come to the first zip wire, because you are attached to the continuous belay system you literally just step off the platform and go. However an instructor is standing there to remind you of the correct way to stop when you reach the other side depending on which way round you come into land. This then leads you onto the higher part of the course before you finally come to the second zip wire which is where you finish.

To take part in Go Ape junior you have to be over 1m tall and to take part in the main course you need to be over 1.4m tall and over 10 years old.

This is a great fun day out in central London, so different to anything else in the city. It’s a great activity to instil confidence in unsure children, to burn off all that excess energy children seem to have in abundance and also a great team building activity for children and their friends to tackle.

Click here to visit their website.

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